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Designed like any email interface, Web-EDI allows users to exchange EDI documents with their trading partner without having to know EDI.

User-friendly web interface
ASN packing editor with auto-pack, pre-pack, pick n pack
Built-in webforms validation to ensure compliancy
Drag n drop ASN packing editor
Carton labels, packing slips and packing lists

Hosted Integration

Build a bridge between electronic data and your ERP. Fully automated solutions that allow data to flow to and from your trading partners.

Customized maps hosted in the cloud
Dynamic processing of XML, csv, JSON, flat files and EDI files.
Real-time error and activity reporting
User-friendly document tracking
Inventory and dispense analytics

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EDI Consulting

Have an EDI system setup at your office? Need an EDI expert to build maps, setup communication channels and make sure EDI documents are compliant with your partners?  Our experienced team of Analysts are here and ready for the job. We will….

Assess your EDI environment and/or EDI needs
Provide a best approach based on our assessment
Build and administer custom maps
Perform end-to-end testing with partners
Administer communication services: AS2, SFTP, etc.

Application Integration

Whether an accounting package, a web store or a shipping application, our API-based solutions will automate the processing of electronic POs, invoices and ASNs.

PO and invoice integration with Quickbooks and web stores
ASN  integration with Shipstation
Built-in validation to ensue compliancy
Real-time error and activity reporting